Firmtouch Trading Limited took a decision to terminate its relationship with Markets Partners Ltd.


For the purposes of cost effectiveness Firmtouch Trading Limited had an ongoing arrangement with a Russian-based advertising agency Markets Partners Ltd., which started back in 2017. The purpose of the arrangement was to outsource routine marketing functions.

To comply with applicable sanctions imposed on Russian entities Firmtouch thoroughly reviewed the applicable legislation and took a decision to terminate its relationship with Markets Partners Ltd, including termination of advertising services and termination of the Dataduck trademark license.

Markets Partners Ltd. has no affiliation with Firmtouch Trading Limited. As of now Firmtouch Trading Limited does not conduct any business activities on the territory of Russia neither employs any personnel there. Firmtouch Trading Limited neither plans to use Dataduck trademark on the territory of Russia nor does it intend to license the trademark on the territory of Russia to any third party.