We breathe life into products

We are dataduck, a creative publishing studio. We take clients’ ideas and bring them to life by creating design and content, helping with branding and websites, developing video production and email-marketing systems, and implementing educational and premium support systems.

  • Marketing & brand strategy

    • Market & consumer research
    • Audit
    • Planning
    • Brand development
  • Communications

    • Creative & production
    • Media planning and campaigns management
    • SMM, PR, ORM
  • Product marketing

    • CRM
    • ASO/SEO
    • Go-to-market strategy

How we work:

The client’s happiness and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we follow the principles of omni-channel marketing.

dataduck creates complex ecosystems with various channels of influence. The user is always right at the center, interacting with the product in a way that’s both seamless and consistent.

  • Uniform Approach

    We prioritize the message and the end result. Each and every channel caters to the same experience.

  • Product as a service

    We want to provide our clients with a service tailored to their needs. We do this by always trying to see things the way the client sees them.

  • Omni-effect

    We place the highest value on customer relationships. We go to great lengths to ensure that the business is dependable and always available.

  • Online & Offline balance

    We strive to deliver a seamless user experience, regardless of how they access it. Be it via computer, phone, or a store unit, our clients have a consistent experience.

From awareness to loyalty

We utilize a whole arsenal of tools and marketing functions to guide the customer from their first contact with the brand all the way to the advocacy stage.

  • Awareness

    • PR
    • Advertising
    • Press releases
    • PPC
  • Evaluation

    • Content marketing
    • Blog
    • Websites
    • Email marketing
    • Social media
    • Drip campaigns
    • Landing sites
    • Retargeting
  • Purchase

    • Thank you messages
    • Welcome messages
    • Customer newsletter
    • SMS
    • Surveys
    • Online chat
  • Loyalty

    • Up- and cross-selling campaigns
    • Invitations
    • Customer loyalty program


Are you talented, creative and action-oriented and want to broaden horizons of marketing? Join dataduck and become a part of the team of more than hundred like-minded professionals taking on interesting challenges every day.

  • Comfortable

    Competitive salaries and benefits tailored to suit you and your circumstances.

  • Educational

    The best training programs, and tickets to the largest marketing conferences to encourage your continued growth and success.

  • Perspective

    A wealth of technical and financial resources to bring your work ideas to life.

Want to become an employee, partner or client? Contact us!